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Judah the Hammer

3/4/2015Posted by Helene


I teach a Ladies Bible class at least once a week.  It is a great pleasure to me.  Not only do I get out of my house to eat food someone else cooked, but I get to talk to these wonderful godly Christian ladies: SAHMs dream.  But if there was none of that, I would still love it for the joy of digging into the Word to find things I have either forgotten or never knew. Recently in my research for class I came across a reference to the Feast of Dedication. I vaguely recalled from a long ago bible class and more recently from one of my daughter's favorite library books that the story of Hanukkah was the story of the rededication of the temple but the details escaped me. 
So I got back online and found a copy of 1st Maccabees (you can find a free online copy here under the heading "Deutrocanonical.

Modest Shopping

3/2/2015Posted by Melissa


Our family is going on vacation this year.  That may not sound like big news, but the last time we had a real vacation was in 2007.  It's long overdue!  We decided to go to the beach, and I had to face the fact that my swim suit from the college years will not work after 15 years and 3 babies.  I felt daunted with the task of finding swimwear.  Most swimsuits that are touted as being modest still show more leg and chest than I would ever show at any other time.  Enter Simply Modest Swimwear.  I had heard about them a few years back, and now I needed their services.  I sent them my measurements and exactly how I wanted the two piece suit to look.  High round neck, short sleeves, capri length pants, and a skirt (attached to the bodice) that goes down to my knees.

And If the Devil Doesn't Like It....

2/27/2015Posted by Helene


Songs I really don't like right now:
It's All About the Bass - No.  It's all about hind-ends.
Take Me to Church - Um.  Don't bring that to MY church!
I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy -

You might be asking yourself what I could possibly have against that lovely little children's song-at least it's not sexually explicit!  But it does have that troubling last verse-

 If the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack.
 Sit on a tack!
 Sit on a tack!
 And if the devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack!
 Sit on a tack to stay!
I taught a ladies Bible class recently on Satan and learned much I didn't know.  I hope over the next several posts to share some more insights from that lesson.

Character Quality Method of Bible Study

2/25/2015Posted by Melissa


A year or so back on Maidservants of Christ, Helene and I went through the Fruits of the Spirit.  We found it to be a challenging study in more than one way.  Studying about patience right after you've blown up in anger, for instance, gives not just sore toes, but a sore heart that is ready to repent.  It was also challenging tackling such big topics as "love" or "joy." If I had known about the character quality method of Bible study, that part might have been a little easier.
In this method, we can study specific character traits found in the Bible, both positive and negative, in a systematic way.  This will be the first method that I have reviewed to use tools other than the Bible, and it can take some time and be a little more complex.  However, because it is easy to apply this kind of study to our lives, the results are well worth the efforts.