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A Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

11/28/2014Posted by Melissa


The Holiday of Thanksgiving might be over, but as Christians we know that we should have an "attitude of gratitude" all year round.  In an attempt to foster gratefulness in my children, we already say something we are thankful for every morning on the way to school.  Lately, though, I've been thinking we can do more than that.  In the Old Testament, the Israelite people made peace offerings, including offerings of thanksgiving (Leviticus 7), and out of that the term "sacrifice of thanksgiving" came into being.  While it sometimes referred to the actual offering of an animal and leavened or unleavened bread, the phrase also came to signify the many ways we can express our thankfulness to God. 
One way we can offer God a sacrifice of Thanksgiving is to pray. In the 116th Psalm, David expresses this love and thankfulness for the many ways God has saved him.

A Whatsoever Christmas

11/26/2014Posted by Helene


I've scrolled through online shops, Black Friday sale pages, Cyber Monday pages, and don't tell, but I'm getting kind of desperate. My husband is easy to buy for, but finding just the right gifts for my two girls is a real challenge.
Why? Because when grandmothers, aunties, and other assorted people called, I foolishly spilled  all the best ideas.  I know that I could go to Wal-mart at 0h-dark-30 in the morning after Thanksgiving and buy lots of random electronics, toys, and clothes in hopes that if I throw enough presents under the tree, it will by definition be a Christmas to remember.  But that seems not only futile but foolish.
I want perfect presents. Not just things they'll play with but things they'll remember.  And not just for my girls but for my husband, our parents, and our siblings.

Making a Difference with Child Care

11/24/2014Posted by Melissa


Sometimes I learn the most about how to make a difference when someone makes a difference in my life.  As a mother who lives hours away from family, this is especially true when it comes to child care.  Without the kindness of my church family, it would be so much harder to take a child to the doctor, go to the doctor myself, go on field trips, or even have a date with my hubby.  After seeing how helpful free and trustworthy child care has been in my life, I've been more open to keeping other people's kids, even though babysitting is not my favorite activity.  Here are some ways we can make a difference to moms and dads who need a little extra help.

When Mom has a baby.  I was fortunate to have my Mom available to me when both of my younger children were born, but not everyone is blessed to have a parent in driving distance.

The Most Misunderstood Virtue

11/21/2014Posted by Melissa


One of our young mothers has had a rough autumn so far.  Her husband is in another state doing military training, and she has twin baby boys.  Preemies, the twins are prone to sickness, so because of the germs of fall, she isn't able to leave the house as often as she would like.  A few days ago, I saw on Facebook that a sister had taken this young mother a simple meal and some cookies.  It was a kind gesture, one that hadn't even occurred to me because I lack the virtue of humility.
Does that sound funny?  We normally think of humility as a state of mind rather than a state of action.  But I would argue that true humility starts with seeing the needs of others, and is followed by positive action to meet those needs. The perfect model for all virtues is Jesus, and humility is no exception.