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The Most Misunderstood Virtue

11/21/2014Posted by Melissa


One of our young mothers has had a rough autumn so far.  Her husband is in another state doing military training, and she has twin baby boys.  Preemies, the twins are prone to sickness, so because of the germs of fall, she isn't able to leave the house as often as she would like.  A few days ago, I saw on Facebook that a sister had taken this young mother a simple meal and some cookies.  It was a kind gesture, one that hadn't even occurred to me because I lack the virtue of humility.
Does that sound funny?  We normally think of humility as a state of mind rather than a state of action.  But I would argue that true humility starts with seeing the needs of others, and is followed by positive action to meet those needs. The perfect model for all virtues is Jesus, and humility is no exception.

No Sunday School Curriculum? No problem!

11/19/2014Posted by Melissa


Our kids at church participate in the local Bible Bowl.  For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, area church kids  meet at a central location once per month and have a competition over  predetermined Bible texts.  This year we are doing the life of Jesus, and we cover three chapters per month.  On Wednesday nights, we help our kids prepare, one chapter at a time.  For the past year and a half, I've been working with the first and second graders.
Before that, I'd always used whatever curriculum the church provided when teaching a Bible class.  I might alter it a bit, but I had some kind of guide for stories, reviews, and crafts.  Now, however, all I have is a chapter of the Bible, and I need to create my own curriculum to go with it.  In the past, this would have been a daunting task, but there are literally thousands of resources on the Internet to make teaching Bible class easier, even for the creatively challenged (like me!

Self-image - His image

11/17/2014Posted by Helene


"Mom, can a person really hate themselves?"
I looked up in great surprise.  "What?  Why?"  (See how articulate I was in this crucial teaching moment?!)
"Oh this guy in a book," (Whew!) My older daughter proceeded to tell me the plot of a novel she had been reading where the main character had been abused, believed that everyone he cared about died (therefore people shouldn't love him), and had come over time to truly hate himself.
Dark for a young adult novel, no?!
She got me thinking about the topic of self-esteem.  I don't believe in it. Never have. Self-esteem is believing we are good, capable and complete. And yet any 13 year old knows they are none of these things. It's no use teaching a child to think better of himself than is true; we make ourselves fools and liars.

Honor in Exile

11/14/2014Posted by Helene


I voted. 
It was the first time in more than a decade.  I'm not lazy, honest.  For most of those years I was abroad, and for all of them I was deeply conflicted about the candidates, finding them all so distasteful that I couldn't bring myself to endorse any of them.

I'm trying again.
A couple of weeks ago we talked in passing about what Christians should do when they live in a nation that may fall under God's wrath.  Melissa (who edits for me because otherwise I would be altogether unintelligible) suggested that paragraph and further suggested that I write an entire post-election article about the topic. 
I didn't want to. 
I'm positively apolitical and barely aware of the last 10 years of American pop culture let alone politics.  And besides, I am far better suited to explain what a person should do in a place where the government actively jails those who follow God.